Hi !!! I am Ajay. I am a FITNESS CONSULTANT.

I teach Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerobics & Zen. I have been in the fitness industry for over 5 years now and have indepth knowledge about the same. 

I conduct my Yoga classes at new delhi and also take private classes.

I truly believe in staying fit and living life to the fullest. After all we were born in this world to enjoy the beauty of god's creation and be tension-free. But as time passed , man got more knowledge which has helped invent and discover so many things which were almost unimaginable. But in this course most of them have lost their fitness , have become weak from within , look older than what actually their age is and have lost the ability to enjoy life to the fullest without any stress.

That's where i come in help . I describe myself as a " CONNECTING LINK "  for staying fit and knowing & realising your true self. I like to give my clients an innner view about their self which can help them realize the importance of themselves. I also train them to tackle any situation in a very calm and positive approach , they connect to the spiritual side , stay fit without refraining from the existing lifestyle and ENJOY life as it is meant to be.

Yoga , as a way of life is very unique in itself. There are countless benefits of practising yoga. Its , perhaps the only way of staying fit and curing your ailments using your own body. 

I help my clients to Lose weight  , Complete body toning , Age reversal , Increasing flexibility , healing and curing with a holistic approach and above all staying in tune with your innerself and the spiritual side of life.

Come ..... Xplore a whole new  world of fitness and lead a healthy life.

Yoga is a beautiful journey. Its the only form of xercise which keeps ur mind , body & soul in perfect sync N harmony.....
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